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Abela Airline Catering

Stuart Guinea, General Manager UK (ex British Airways)

(Abela was taken over by the LSG Skychefs, the world’s largest airline catering company after Abela’s multiple industry awards)

Over the last two years Abela Airline Catering entered into a business relationship with Jazz Singh under the Wings4u2Fly leadership programme. We have found that during our working together Jazz has had an amazing impact on the motivation and confidence within our management teams throughout the UK.

I was surprised at how intuitive and subliminal the course was and how Jazz has a natural ability to engage members on the course and to bring them through dramatic change in finding confidence in themselves and seeing how important a role each of them play within the organisation.

The method and style of his presentations and the content makes it extremely easy for people to see how change can be brought about, and to really believe that they can be part of making that change, and to be able to communicate very effectively throughout this process, and thereafter in their normal working activities.

Everyone involved in the courses facilitated by Jazz have been amazed at what they learned, but more importantly by how much they retained from the days they spent on the course, without the need to take or make notes, or carry away cumbersome files and handouts.

Indeed Jazz’s style is fo offer very little in the form of handouts, which on the surface is a little unnerving because you have a feeling of, “how will I remember ah this?” But then it is surprising how much stays in your mind.

Our business is extremely reactive and high pressured across all fronts: manufacturing, sales and personnel tasks. Working alongside Jazz we found that we have achieved incredible change in extremely short timescales, bringing together a very confident management team, with the ability to communicate openly between each other, losing the normal politics which exist in any large group of people, which has allowed us to concentrate solely on our business activities.

Our business has gone from strength to strength. Customers, suppliers and members of our staff say they have seen dramatic change in our style of management and in the processes and procedures within the business.

In general management have stopped fire fighting, take more time to plan, talk more frequently, but most importantly achieve the results we’re looking for.

Given the cynicism and costs associated in undertaking a working relationship with any consultative groups who suggest they’re able to show your management how they can be more confident with themselves, talk with honesty and sincerity, understand what makes them work, and get their departments to achieve the results that are expected, I can honestly say that we are extremely happy that we contracted Jazz to work alongside us.

We believe that every penny spent has been of value to the business and look to continue our relationship, involving Jazz in regular activities with the management, as well as looking to explore other possibilities across our group internationally, to allow us to broaden the experience and to achieve even more successes than those over the last two years.

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