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About Us

Jazz Singh, Founder & Chairman
I love what I do – helping companies boost their productivity, revenue and reputation, I think very deeply about the world – people and nature and business.

I’ve worked hard for 45 years, learning my craft in the human zoo. To work out answers to “Why do human beings do what they do?”, “Why do some succeed and others fail?” I’ve read thousands of book, listened to hundreds of tapes, watched scores of videos and attended world-class seminars,  I can now easily reprogram and evolve the deep thinking of both ordinary people and of the giants among us.
Jazz Singh, My Proudest Achievements
  • 27th April 2004 – an historic day – my first ever public speaking engagement to total strangers – a group of 250 aspiring millionaires. Shared the stage with Duncan Bannatyne and Simon Woodroffe and other acclaimed professional speakers.
  • Trained the entire UK senior management team of an international company with astonishing results.  Wings4u2fly totally positively impacted every metric, measurable and non-measurable. A room full of 13 senior executives having fun and hanging on to my every word for a day and a half.  They wanted me to train everybody in the company to experience Wings4u2fly – even the security guards at the gate. Here’s the full testimonial.
  • Nominated for a European award for excellence as a trainer during my time as a senior trainer for Digital Equipment Corporation (also known as DEC).
  • Transformed customer relations at Intergraph by developing a highly acclaimed “Hell’s Bells” alarm system to automate and dramatically improve response to customer issues.
  • Provided training and consulting services to Reuters, Natwest, Abbey Life, Nokia and Banque Paribas.
Qualifications and Past & Present Professional Memberships
  • Graduate with honours from Imperial College, London University
  • Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD)
  • Professional Speakers Association (PSA)
  • International Travel Catering Association (ITCA)
  • International Association of Coaches (ICA)
  • International Coach Federation (ICF)
  • Coachville Research & Development (CV}
  • Hertfordshire Chambers of Commerce (HCCI)
  • Tom Silver Institute of Hypnotherapy
  • American Board of Hypnotherapy
  • American Board of Neuro Linguistic Programming
  • Certified – NLP practitioner in 1994
  • Certified – Psychotherapist and Hypnotherapist with BHR (Distinction)
  • Certified – Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist
  • Certified – Corporate Professional Values Analyst
  • Certified – Corporate Professional Behaviour Analyst

01DNA Vision

To elevate the way people think, feel and behave in business and life.

01DNA Mission

To help people and businesses rapidly evolve their true greatness.

01DNA Values

To act with kindness and empathy to self and others. 

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